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  Shenzhen is a professional furniture AiJiabao love working in high-end mattress, soft bed research and development, production, sales and service in one of the upholstered furniture manufacturers.


  All along, we adhere to in accordance with ergonomic principles, senior environmental health strictly selected materials, modern technology and the perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship, coupled with advanced manufacturing equipment and skilled production and technical personnel, developed for different age groups Sleep Products , the majority of consumers and pro-gaze like, follow the "advanced technology, health-oriented" principle, the enterprise under the "love Jiabao" brand has five straight through the national quality inspection, and won the "national class A product." "outstanding green products", "China Pacific Insurance Company products" and other honors, in 2009 a "" made ​​in China "export gold suppliers."

  After continuous efforts to develop products in the country more than ten provinces, cities and counties have set up more than 100 sales agents, and has to open up foreign markets, some products exported to New Zealand and a half, South Korea, Toronto, Canada, Spain, South America, the Middle East, Taiwan and other countries and regions, we sincerely welcome more friends to cooperate with us!

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